About Me

About Me:

Hi, I’m Bailey Aulenbach and I am a wife to Nathan, and a mother to Drake. I love to eat great food, travel to hot places, and sleep well. My full-time job (aside from being mama) is to help moms like you, get a full night’s sleep.

I too, struggled with my son’s sleep. I wasn’t enjoying motherhood as I knew I should be. People around me talked about an intense connection to their baby that I longed for. I didn’t realize that my problems were rooted to my overall health and sleep needs.

Once I was able to get my son on a predictable and practical schedule, I really felt like it changed my life.

Suddenly I was enjoying motherhood. I didn’t just have a “crabby baby”, I had an overtired baby. I was able to get some parts of myself back as I was now having a break in the evenings. I now had the energy and motivation to do things that I wanted.

I felt a little selfish for wanting to reclaim my evenings back to my own instead of spending every waking minute with my squishy baby.

As I filled out my questionnaire for the sleep consultant I had hired, it came as a shock to me that everything I was doing wasn’t helping my son sleep – when I thought it was. He was going to bed at 11pm, I was nursing him to sleep, rocking him to sleep, doing ANYTHING I could to get him to sleep. Once he was finally sleeping in his bassinet beside my bed, I anxiously laid in my bed half-awake, anticipating his next round of wake-ups while also evil-eyeing my husband who was sound asleep.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like this. Your baby can still sleep in a bassinet next to your bed, or heck, in another room, but you shouldn’t feel anxiety around bedtime like I had for so long. Bedtime can be peaceful, predictable, and relaxing.

Teaching my child how to sleep well has not only benefitted me, but our whole family. 

It truly transformed my life, so now let me transform yours.

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