Adult Sleep Training

Tired? Feeling groggy? Are you sick of taking sleeping pills? Does it feel like the only way you can get some shut eye is by taking melatonin? Does falling asleep take way too long? Do you resort to caffeine throughout the day to stay alert?


Are you a business owner and notice your employees aren’t performing optimally?

Your organization’s #1 asset? Your people. And investing in their health and wellness is key to your success. The ROI of investing in workplace wellness is clear: higher productivity, lower costs, and a vibrant, engaged workforce.

But there’s one crucial factor that you might be overlooking – a single, powerful determinant of good health and workplace performance. That overlooked factor? Sleep.

Sleep deprivation has a huge impact – on people, families, and workplaces. The CDC calls it a public health epidemic, affecting over one in three adults. Sleep issues also takes a serious toll on your business’ bottom line. It costs American companies $63.2 billion per year in lost productivity – an average of 11.3 lost work days and $2,280 in costs for each sleep-deprived employee. Clearly, sleep health is a corporate leadership issue. So, what can you do?


The good news? Most sleep problems can be solved through simple, actionable lifestyle
changes. By putting the right tools into your hands, you can take control of your sleep and reach your full potential.

Empower yourself to optimize your sleep health with a sleep plan that is customized to you. I will work with you to tailor a sleep strategy that fits your schedule and needs.

So what’s entailed?

Adult Sleep Package

  • We will start with a questionnaire – this asks about your days, nights, how you feel during the day, your attitude towards sleep, etc.
  • You will also fill out a Food and Beverage log over a 3-day span. I will not be making any drastic changes to your diet, but we may change the timing of caffeine consumption and food intake.
  • Once those are both returned to me, I will formulate an appropriate sleep plan tailored to you. These sleep plans are all unique and as we continue to work together over a 4 week span, we will be adding in some information to include in your daily regime.
  • We will have a 1 hour virtual consult where I explain the entirety of your sleep plan. I will provide you with sleep knowledge, and you may ask any and all questions that you have.
  • We will have 4 follow-up phone calls, all 1 week apart. This is so that we give your body enough time to adjust to the changes.

We are aiming for progress, not immediate perfection. You will notice some significant change after working together, and we can make your restless nights, restful.

Don’t wait to solve your sleep – make yourself a priority!

Investment: $499

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