Gold Transformation Package

What’s included in your Midnight Mama Gold Package is:

  • Get to Know You Questionnaire – this questionnaire is all about you, your baby, and your family. This ensures that your experience is completely customized to fit your family’s needs. You’ll tell me what your day looks like, your baby’s nights, routines, your struggles, so that this experience can be YOURS.
  • A Customized Sleep Plan and Daytime Plan built just for you and your family – This is unique and individualized. There is no “template” or internet solution – this truly is customized and nothing like reading a generalized book.
  • Private 90 Minute Consultation – We’ll meet (in-person or virtually) and I’ll go over the plan in detail. You’ll leave feeling confident & I’ll be there to answer any questions you have.
  • 3 Weeks of In-Depth Follow Up Support – No children are the same – and although we will see amazing progress, it sometimes feels like a rollercoaster to get there. Many good nights, mixed in with a hard one, followed by more consistency. We’ll speak regularly during our time together. You will have access to me through email, to answer any questions, and to fine-tune any kinks we find along the way.
  • WrapUp and Goodbye Call – We’ll chat about your successes and what to expect AFTER our time together. No mishaps or surprises for you, Mama!
  • Some my Sleep Guides for your personal use – I want you to be able to live your life, while still having a great sleeper on your hands! Travelling, sickness, teething, and proper awake time limits for your child’s age will all be included in this exclusive bundle. You will know exactly what to do should a problem arise – feeling confident in your great sleeper.

What does all of this mean?

  • You’ll have predictable, lovely routines.
  • You’ll have energy to be the wife and mother you’ve always wanted to be.
  • You’ll be riddled with confidence and knowledge pertaining to your child’s sleep.
  • You’ll have more “you” time – and time with your spouse and other children.

This is the change that you want for yourself, for your child, and for your family. There is no other program that could be suited to better fit your family’s needs.

The Midnight Mama Gold Package is specifically tailored to make mothers (like you) feel happy, confident, relaxed, and assured, as your child learns the skills necessary to have restful nights, every night.

You are ready to make this transformation & I would love to guide you in this process.

The Investment for the Midnight Mama Gold Package is

 1 payment of $995 or 2 payments of $499

(prices are subject to a 5% GST charge)

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Sleep is so important for everyone! My 8 month old had been waking up every 2 hours, sometimes more often, since he was about 3 months old and my body was breaking down. My husband took half the night but still. I was tired, depressed, my body ached…we tried to do the sleep training on our own but little baby was just hysterical. He’s our second so I knew quite a lot about sleep training. Bailey helped us create a sleep plan, which was so helpful to be able to reference and stick to when times were tough. She helped us set up our entire day to have a successful night. We were able to sleep train our baby while room sharing ❤️ Bailey would be available anytime day or night for my questions or concerns or just to encourage me! Because of her support the process was so easy. We moved baby into big sister’s room a few weeks after we were done and he was still just fine. Hiring Bailey as a sleep consultant was worth it for our family and she will be able to bring peace to your family too ❤️❤️❤️

– Morgan R.
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