My child is over 3 months

Parenthood is everything you dreamed of & more, right? Right?

Do you…

  • Feel like a real life “mom-bie?”
  • Feel exhausted and can’t remember the last time you slept well?
  • Wake up too many times through the night with your child?
  • Find yourself googling “can I die from sleep deprivation?”

Maybe your child is irritable and cranky and you don’t know if all babies are like this, or if it’s just yours…

Maybe your child seems to have a “second wind” around bedtime, making it impossible to get them to bed on time…so pushing for later and later bedtime leaves you with no alone time in the evening.

Maybe your maternity leave is sadly coming to an end and you’re realizing your child’s naps are ALL OVER THE PLACE but it never bothered you so much, but thinking about them napping at daycare is making you anxious.

When you really think about it, your child isn’t the only one being affected by the lack of sleep. Your WHOLE FAMILY is suffering, but as the mother you take it personal. You’re feeling…

  • Mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted
  • Frustrated with yourself for your lack of patience with your child
  • Wishful… if only you had some alone time to feel like yourself again
  • Guilty for not being able to enjoy motherhood more because of the intense sleep deprivation you feel

Can you relate to any of this?

You just want to be yourself and feel normal, and there is no way you can do this baby after baby without the rest you so deserve.

So now, imagine having a predictable, structured daily and nightly routine, that brings you joy. Real, true, joy.

Instead of feeling anxious, scatterbrained, and fearful of bedtime, you feel comfortable, assured, and relaxed. 

Picture your sweet, but busy (oh so busy) child being able to fall asleep by themselves and feeling so proud of this achievement.

The overwhelming gloom of tiredness – just wiped away as you wake up feeling rested every morning.

What if you had more time to spend with your spouse or other children?

What about that girls night you’ve been missing out on for years…actually being able to go and feeling confident your child will stay asleep.

Because this isn’t just about your child not sleeping well…

You need a solution so that your family can get the rest they need – so that you can feel like a human again and be the mother and wife you want to be.

It’s time to transform your motherhood experience from just getting through the day, to you actually having the space and mental clarity to be able to enjoy your baby and your calling as a mother.

And this is why I’ve created the Midnight Mama Transformation Packages:

If you’re reading this and feel like your child doesn’t need a full package – but speaking with me might help answer some sleep questions – then click here for some additional info. I haven’t forgotten about you, mama.

Here what some previous clients of mine had to say about working together:

Bailey’s help with sleep coaching completely changed my perception of how a baby sleeps. I was co-sleeping until 4.5 months, and while some moments were enjoyable, the overall experience wasn’t. I didn’t realize the amount of sleep that a baby needs, and I knew immediately upon meeting with Bailey that this was going to be such a positive change, as both my son and myself were very sleep deprived. I genuinely thought my son would be the trickiest baby on the planet to sleep train and boy was I wrong – he took to sleep training immediately. Bailey’s plan was well thought out and very easy to follow. She was always available to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I would recommend this time and time again. This literally made me enjoy motherhood even more than I already was and I will be forever thankful. My son seems happier, less hyper and super well rested, and so am I. If you’re ever wondering if sleep training is for you and your family, the answer is YES. 100% YES.

– Erin M.

Bailey gave us the tools to give us our life and arms back! My husband and I were at the point with our 11 week old where we had to rock him to sleep while shushing him and holding his soother in his mouth 😳 not only was our son extremely overtired but so we’re we. Now he’s 13 weeks old and is sleeps for 10.5 hrs wakes up for an early morning feed and back to sleep for another 1.5-2hrs. Bailey was so comforting and patient which was so helpful for my anxious heart. Best thing we could have done for our baby AND us 😍. Thank you Bailey!!

– Monica M.

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