Melatonin – For Adults and for Kids

Sleep is the newest obsession. I mean, why not? It's a literal human NECESSITY to sleep. It's simple - if we don't sleep, we can die. Sleep deprivation = death. K, maybe not that literally, but there have been studies shown that lack of sleep is SO terrible for your body. WebMD gives the top… Continue reading Melatonin – For Adults and for Kids


Switching To a “Big Kid Bed”

One of the most common questions I get asked as a Paediatric sleep consultant is, โ€œWhen should we move him into a big kid bed?โ€ Uhmmmm.....NEVER lol. Here's a few reasons why I want to prolong this transition and keep that babe in a crib as long as possible. Number 1 reason is - there… Continue reading Switching To a “Big Kid Bed”


Back To School Sleep Tips

I just want to start off by saying...whatever happened with routines and bedtime this summer, I hope you at least had a great time ๐Ÿ˜‰ During our too-short summer months, we have a way of letting our routines become flexible and for bedtime to become later and later. "But mom, it's not even dark outside!"… Continue reading Back To School Sleep Tips