Bailey’s help with sleep coaching completely changed my perception of how a baby sleeps. I was co-sleeping until 4.5 months, and while some moments were enjoyable, the overall experience wasn’t. I didn’t realize the amount of sleep that a baby needs, and I knew immediately upon meeting with Bailey that this was going to be such a positive change, as both my son and myself were very sleep deprived. I genuinely thought my son would be the trickiest baby on the planet to sleep train and boy was I wrong – he took to sleep training immediately. Bailey’s plan was well thought out and very easy to follow. She was always available to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I would recommend this time and time again. This literally made me enjoy motherhood even more than I already was and I will be forever thankful. My son seems happier, less hyper and super well rested, and so am I. If you’re ever wondering if sleep training is for you and your family, the answer is YES. 100% YES.