The best decision I’ve ever made was asking Bailey for help in order to get my two year old daughter to sleep through the night in her own room and bed!!! Let me start explaining that our daughter had so many bad sleep habits (all of those our own fault obviously). She was depending on a pacifier and needed to touch my hair in order to fall asleep. She was falling asleep sometimes a BBC t 10-10:30pm, it would take her about an hour or hour and a half to fall asleep, she was waking up multiple times in the middle of the night, and all that sharing our bed since she was less than one year old. We were restless, adding to that I got pregnant again so sharing the bed wasn’t an option anymore. So we decided to start sleep training on our own around May 2019. It was a total fiasco, we didn’t know what we were doing wrong, we had a solid bedtime routine but obviously we were missing on a lot of more details, and after 5 months with a kid, now in her own room, but still waking up multiple times in the middle of the night, sometimes for about 2 HOURS, we needed to seek help before going crazy. 
That’s when I talked to Bailey, she elaborated a special plan for our daughter according to our needs and always trying to make us feel comfortable with the method ( I explained to her I’m not strong enough to do the crying out) 
It took less than 2 weeks for our daughter to be sleeping 11.5-12h straight plus a schedule nap after lunch 🙌🏻. I was in total shock, 5 months trying on our own and nothing, then comes Bailey with a few adjustments and boom life is good!!!
I totally recommend her, she’s the nicest lady, she will follow up with you every day and adjust if things aren’t working, the price I think is more than fare, honestly there’s no price on having time for yourself in the evening plus get 8 HOURS of sleep and have a happy and rested toddler next day in the morning. 
My daughter’s behaviour has changed big time since she started getting more sleep, she was a little speech delay and suddenly she’s talking like crazy and putting phrases together, she’s learning way faster, the tantrums are very rare now and her social skills have improved enormously. It does make a difference in little kids when they get enough sleep.