Sleep Training for families with children aged 0-5

Does Bedtime Feel Impossible?

  • Do you dread seeing 6:30pm roll around – knowing, just KNOWING that it’s going to be over an hour (probably 2) before the baby is asleep?
  • Do you constantly feel drained – coffee has somehow transformed from liquid energy to liquid moral support
  • Are you the only one who can respond to the baby’s night wakings because you’re a breastfeeding mother?

The truth is…

You CAN still breastfeed and sleep train!
You WILL sleep through the night once again!
Waking up “ready to take on the day” CAN happen!
Bedtime should (and will) only last 30 minutes long!

Let’s Take Back Your Evenings!

Hi, I’m Bailey!

I’m a wife to Nathan, a mother to Drake, and a dedicated sleep consultant!

I too, struggled with my son’s sleep. I wasn’t enjoying motherhood as I knew I should be. People around me talked about an intense connection to their baby that I longed for. I didn’t realize that my problems were rooted to my overall health and sleep needs.

Once I was able to get my son on a predictable and practical schedule, I really felt like it changed my life.

I now have a 2 year old who sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG. My free evenings are spent eating popcorn, watching crime TV, and going on date nights with my husband.

A child wears his fatigue like a suit of itchy, ill-fitting clothing.  Putting your baby to bed with authority, confidence, consistency and affection may be likened to helping them out of the unbearably uncomfortable outfit and into a pair of well-worn pyjamas.


Want the freedom that a good sleep can give?

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