Exhausted and not sure how to feel like yourself again?


I’m Bailey Aulenbach and I am located in Northern Alberta, Canada. I am a wife to Nathan, and a mother to Drake. I love to eat great food, travel to hot places, and sleep well. I have an extensive background in the dental field, and still occasionally work at dental offices in temporary positions. My full-time job (aside from being mama) is to help moms like you, get a full night’s sleep; being a Certified Sleep Sense and Solve Your Sleep Consultant.

I too, struggled with my son’s sleep. I wasn’t enjoying motherhood as I knew I should be. People around me talked about an intense connection to their baby that I longed for. I didn’t realize that my problems were rooted to my overall health and sleep needs.

Once I was able to get my son on a predictable and practical schedule, I really felt like it changed my life.

Suddenly I was enjoying motherhood. I didn’t just have a “crabby baby”, I had an overtired baby. I was able to get some parts of myself back as I was now having a break in the evenings. I now had the energy and motivation to do things that I wanted.

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